Publish Ember test results to Jenkins

Publish Ember test results to Jenkins

We are using Jenkins to run our Ember builds.

Recently I wanted to publish the results of running ember test to Jenkins, luckily for us, most of the required functionality at the Ember side was available in ember-cli.

Ember CLI

CI=1 ember test ci --silent --r xunit | tee logs/xunit.xml

A little breakdown of what is in this command:

CI=1: This sets the environment variable CI=1, this is then later picked up by the testem test suite to make certain decisions. This can be seen in the testem.js pasted below. You can see this in the process.env.CI .

module.exports = {
  test_page: 'tests/index.html?hidepassed',
  disable_watching: true,
  launch_in_ci: [
  launch_in_dev: [
  browser_args: {
    Chrome: {
      ci: [
        // --no-sandbox is needed when running Chrome inside a container
        process.env.CI ? '--no-sandbox' : null,

ember test ci, this runs ember-cli test suite, but triggers the browser_arg ci, in the testem.js above, this is the part in the Chrome key of the json.

--silent tells ember-cli to not output any warnings or other unrelated information.

--r xunit tells ember to output the test results in the xunit format.

| tee logs/xunit.xml pipes the output of ember-cli, to the file xunit.xml  in the logs directory.


For jenkins to understand the xml output of ember-cli, we must install a plugin. Go to manage jenkins > manage plugins and look for JUnit Plugin, enable the plugin, and restart jenkins.

Create or edit a project in Jenkins, and in your project, after changing the execute shell command to the ember test command above.

add a Post-build Action and choose for Publish JUnit test result report, and configure what is needed:

Make sure that the Test report XMLs is set to logs/*xml, this is the same path we told ember-cli above to output the results.

Now you should see the test results graph appearing in the project, and per build the Test Result with a breakdown of all the tests and the details.